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HSGFM through its Hotel Services Group division carries out regular housekeeping services, including hotel room cleaning and communal area cleaning.  Carpet cleaning within hotels can be provided in bedrooms and common areas. Where the hotel has health spa and fitness facilities, these can be cleaned on a scheduled basis, including washroom, spa and treatment rooms.  Our services can also include the removal of hotel waste and the provision of overnight deep cleans in hotel and restaurant kitchens, either on a regular, periodic or ad hoc basis.  
The benefits to be gained include . . .
-    Improving first impressions
-    Helping to meet health, safety and hygiene regulation
-    Being green and environmentally compliant
-    Providing CPD training programmes for housekeepers
-    Cost benefits
-    Regular cleaning audits
-    Compliant cleaning products
-    Holiday and sickness cover, and pension arrangements included in price